QuickEdit for Command shell

Enable QuickEdit mode, under the Options tab of your shortcut to the Command shell. Mark with the mouse, right-click to copy, right-click again to paste. While you’re there, enable a hotkey (like CTRL + ALT + C) for lightning fast access to the shell. And no, you can’t have CTRL + C for COPY, because CTRL + C means BREAK.

Problem Steps Recorder

Windows 7 and 8 has a hidden steps recorder software that you can use to record what you do on the screen and it turns it into step-by-step instructions next to screen captures.

Search PSR or steps recorder in on your computer to find it.

Note that it only stores the screenshots for the last 25 steps by default (max 100 in the settings).

The Joel Test

  1. Could a new developer run the code on their machine within five minutes?
  2. Could you look at any section of code and understand its purpose?
  3. Could you locate the code for any feature within ten minutes?
  4. Could you explain all of the code in a way that a junior developer could understand?
  5. Could you re-factor the code without fear of breaking it?
  6. Could you test a component without testing its dependencies?
  7. If any library or technology becomes obsolete, could you replace it easily?
  8. Could you take modules and re-use them in other projects with no modification?
  9. Can you be certain that each line of code is actually being used?
  10. If the code became open-source, would you be happy to be associated with it?



There are no managers at Valve. The people who are really talented often don’t fit into rigid boxes, it’s part of why they’re good. And the company doesn’t track things like sick days or vacation time.

How Facebook do it

Just few ideas (and more): “a third of the source files have only been edited by one engineer, and another quarter by two”, “code review”, “developers also test the software by using the development version of Facebook for their personal Facebook use”, “released on Tuesday”.